ISPS Services

The Marinatec is offering an integrated range of consultancy and inspection services to the marine, offshore, power plant, oil, gas, chemical & petrochemical industry.

With years of experience amoung ourselves & our partners, the Company forms one of the main established independent marine and offshore consultants.

The Tanker and Shipping Services division provides a specialized, professional and independent range of security consultancy services to enable the maritime community to better protect itself against the growing risk of criminal and terrorist activities.


Ships and Ports have long been potential targets for pirates and criminals. Recent events have made maritime security a top international concern as ships and their cargoes can become potential terrorist weapons or targets. Consideration has been given to the extent to which ships, cargoes and ports are vulnerable to attacks or other criminal offences.

Against the background of this potential threat to the maritime industry, the December 2002 IMO Diplomatic Conference on Marine Security adopted new regulations to enhance maritime security through amendments to SOLAS Chapter XI, now known as the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

The purpose of the ISPS Code is to establish an international framework of measures to enhance maritime security through which ships and ports can co-operate to detect and deter acts that threaten security in the maritime transport sector.
With a July 2004 compliance deadline which is already completed, port authorities and operators as well as ship owners and management companies have been set a considerable challenge.

The ISPS Experts

As a leader in maritime and offshore consultancy, Marinatec has teamed up with Security specialist to provide a broad spectrum of ISPS services on a professional, independent and cost effective basis.

The team of consultants has considerable international experience in the maritime and security industry and a detailed knowledge of the ISPS Code and other regulatory requirements.

Spheres of Operation

ISPS Ship Services

  • Ship security assessments
  • Establishment of ship security plans (SSPs)
  • Implementation of SSPs

ISPS Port Services

  • Port facility security assessments (PFSAs)
  • Establishment of port facility security plans (PFSPs)
  • Implementation of PFSPs

ISPS Consultancy and Training

  • Port security consultancy
  • Ship security consultancy
  • ISPS code presentations
  • Port and ship security equipment consultancy
  • Training of port facility security officers
  • Training of company security officers
  • Training  of ship security officers

The Clients

Marinatec's ISPS services are appropriate for

  • Tanker and shipping companies
  • The offshore industry
  • Law firms
  • Port and harbor authorities
  • Port and terminal facility operators
  • Insurance companies
  • Contracting governments
  • Private yacht owners

Individual Approach

Marinatec is a client-focused company. Assignments in surveys, training and consultancy are tailored to clients' individual needs and requirements, based on professional expertise and confidence.

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