"Marine Inspection & Survey Services

Marinatec services of marine Inspection & survey is outlined in the following categories:

For ships :

                 Condition & valuation surveys

                 Pre-purchase survey

                 Sale & purchase survey

                 Casualty survey

                 Hull & machinery damage survey

                 Draft survey

                 On/off hire condition and bunkering survey

                 Repair cost assessment

                 Towing & lashing survey

                 Technical inspection for vessels or other sea/river transport as well as marine facilities, infrastructure


For cargoes

           Pre-loading/discharging inspections for bulk   cargoes such as oil, chemical, rice, maize, steel coils/pipes, logs & soybean, etc

           Draft survey

           Outturn survey

           Cargo damage assessment and liability  investigation

           Heavy cargo transportation consultancy

           Cargo condition survey & cargo superintendence

           Weighing, measurements and other quality    determinations

           Quality assurance survey comprising of sampling, laboratory analysis, cargo worthiness and contamination

           Stability calculation

           Cargo securing plan

           Super cargo system services

           Inspection of cargo on behalf of the overseas  client to ascertain conformity of the following:

         1. identification of goods

         2. quantity & quality

         3. documentation

         4. packaging

         5. shipment

         6. marking

             Port captaincy

             Inspection prior to L/C opening worldwide


For property

              Warehouse and cargo handling facilities surveys and consultancy

              Heavy lift and waterfront load inspections

              Shore tank inspection & calibration

              Port/jetty construction survey & evaluation program

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